BUT FOR THE FACT MY EPIDERMIS WAS BLACK, what could I've done with this life? I spend a lot of time thinking about my upcoming death now I'm 70. Not fearfully but reflectively wondering what if? I neither question GOD's wisdom nor regret my black skin. Many white's I've encountered told me I'm exceptional. They had to say something to explain my breaking through and on occasions, sometimes surpass them. My response? "I could have been even more exceptional as white, free of racist restrains.


If they're the same, a lot of white folks are going to catch hell trying to slip into Heaven. I know that satan, the evil spirit is the creator of racism and the lie that white skin makes one superior. Most whites develop that sense of being superior because of their groups aggregated accumulation of material goods.

WHERE ARE THE PSYCHIATRIST & PSYCHOLOGISTS? Racism is a mental illness which inflicts a large segment of the white population in the United States. Their affliction cause them to want to see black people dead. Many seek employment in police departments where they're given training, weapons, authority and protection when they torment and kill black people. And they're paid to do so. Where are the mental health experts? Black people and our children are being slaughtered by the boys in blue.

THE ENSLAVEMENT OF MY ANCESTORS WAS NO JOKE A New York Private School Teacher Held A Mock Slave Auction. African-American students were instructed to line up against the wall and proceeded to conduct a simulated auction in front of the rest of the class,”

HOW GULLIBLE ARE RACIST WHITE FOLK IN THE U.S.A? Remember that right wing "GO FUND ME" campaign to build the wall to keep out Mexicans? After raising $23,000,000, republican hack Chris Kobach has announced that the wall is completed, all one-half (1/2) mile of it. That equals $4,000 per foot. I believe it was P.T. Barnum who said, "There's a Suck being Born Every Minute".

THE DISAPPOINTMENT OF ROBERT MUELLER History will frown upon Robert Mueller. He was in a position to bring calm to our troubled waters. But instead, Mueller to the safe route. His middle of the road conclusion of letting Congress decide has given cover to Trump and allow him to claim Muellers report exonerates him. It seems he ready to compound his failure by not wanting to testify before the House.

WHEN PUSH CAME TO SHOVE, MUELLER SUCKED This is the second time a highly placed white male government official failed to rise to the occasion. Though he's later expressed regret, Comey still hasn't come to admitting what he did Mrs Clinton was wrong. Then, we get Meullers' report which talks a lot without saying anything. I thin resisters would have take a finding of Trump not being guilty of an offense better that Meullers' middle of the road non definitive report.

MILLENNIAL & RESISTERS need to log off social media, get off their asses and get into the struggle. They need to fight as hard to help Nancy and the Democrats as these people are fighting for Trump.

After all, the crazed white folks who are supporting and enabling Trump are their mothers, daughters, sisters, daughters-in-law and grandmothers.

They need to start waging battle within their own families and then branch out into the community. Most importantly, we're at war so stop bitching.


Before the flood and re-engineerng of ethnic makeup of New Orleans, family get together's were very common.

Most families had one or more musicians whose instruments were always close at hand. On this occasion, my two nephews pulled out their trombones and made some memories.


The Late Great Chocolate City's Quickening "Fade to White".

Throughout New Orleans history, white people have had a hate-love relationship with music that evolved from descendants of Africans.

During a trip to the city by John Philip Sousa, he was asked about Jazz. His response, "it is just a passing fad and won't be around more than 20-year".

The rise of the culture vultures. The music of Black New Orleans is being replicated, repackaged and represented.


The New Orleans ADVOCATE NEW ROOM is so white, they pluck the black eyes out of peas before they eat them.

For those who aren't in the know, New Orleans was also known as Chocolate City because of its huge Africa-American community.



Officer Charged After Using Headlock On Woman Who Called Police.

Miami-Dade police officer Alejandro Giraldo faces battery and misconduct charges after violently arresting a woman who had called for help.

Social misfits are drawn to police departments like moths towards a dancing flame. Under the color of the law, police officers can and do exact punishment upon black people simply because they can.


@desitively Hey Dave. On my way to Gerald's. Out of coffee, sugar and in need of people face time. Can you make it?

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THE LATE, GREAT CHOCOLATE CITY is Now Cosmopolitan and well along the way towards becoming Vanilla.

There was a time when white folks didn't like black music. Oh, how times have changed. Before the great flood, the phrase "Brass Band" was synonymous with black musicians plying their trade.

Not anymore! Ever since the Africans were brought to North America, the purpose for their very being has remained the same. That is, to use black people to generate profit by any means necessary.

The "ADVOCATE" News Room's appearance suggests that their HR office is being run the the White Citizens Council. At first glance, it appears everyone in the room is white. Wait!!!

Upon closer examination, it appears there just might be a woman of color on staff who can be seen wayyy in the back on the photo. But then again, her lack of jubilation could indicate she's just passing through the room.
What's happening in this newsroom is happening all over New Orleans



On April 15th the New Orleans "Advocate" learned that they'd won the Pulitzer Award. Through these black eyes of mine, it is surreal to see so many white people congratulating each other for accomplishing something that benefits black people when their entire newsroom look like a KKK convention. Mind you, the Advocate is located in New Orleans, a city so black it was until recently also known as "Chocolate City". alexandrakandylonguet.com/Ship


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