Mid-City flooded a couple feet this morning! Luckily our apartment is more than a couple of feet off the ground.

@anthracite Yeah, several parts of town flooded more than they should have.


I am pretty glad to hear this amount of flooding has not become The New Normal in the years I was away.

I also grew up on the end of the Gentilly Ridge so I know my general expectations around low-key flooding after a good storm may be a bit off. Gotta recalibrate my expectations.

@anthracite I've lived here going on 6 years. Visited many, MANY times before that. Even just five years ago, this amount of rain did NOT flood the city out.


I fully expect this city to end up as the Venice of the Americas in my lifetime. Except with pirogues and airboats instead of gondolas. :)

@anthracite Same. I have to admit, Jackson Square getting a shallow pond on it occasionally is kind of appealing.


Oh damn that's kind of gorgeous! Now I kinda want to do a few paintings of some of the local landmarks reflecting in groundwater where there should be solid ground.

(files that away in her list of Stuff Tourist-Facing Galleries Might Love)

@anthracite You'll still be able to sell on Jackson Square, just from a pirogue.

@anthracite Hey, if you're here in town, there's a New Orleans tweet-up/toot-up taking place next Sunday.


Thanks! Yeah, just moved back here this month. Got a link to the details?

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