Somebody is hacking road signs in New Orleans in the best possible way...

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Many of these signs are simply a giant radio pager (like the ones from the 1990s!) - in this case its not too difficult to find out the frequency and capcode used (none of this stuff is encrypted!) and transmit a signal to the sign with your own message (even a small TX will work half a km away from the sign, if its a shared frequency you don't want to take the piss with too much power or FCC might get involved)

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just had a quick search and the mobile signs used in USA are either IP based or standalone but particularly if physical access is gained can be reset to insecure settings (if they are not already wide open, though its a hack thats being going on a while now)

(here in Britain they put these things 20 metres high up on the gantry and you wouldn't be easily able to get up there, Highways England watch for people trespassing in out of bounds areas)

@vfrmedia @RecursiveRabbit @vantablack Here in the US we're lucky that people don't just hitch up to such signs and drive away with them.

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years ago before matrix signs existed we used to have flashing amber lights for motorway warning signs at the roadside people would nick the battery in the bottom for their own vehicles (nowadays car batteries are more reliable and you often can't just swap one out anyway without recoding!)

modern mobile signs used in UK now contain trackers and security alarms (if the case is opened without correct authorisation the sign sends an SMS to the owners)

@desitively This is incredibly easy to do. The access panels are often unlocked and you can walk right up to one as long as you're wearing workwear with a high-visibility vest and look like you're supposed to be there.

@desitively iirc these are pretty easy to get into. If you bust the lock to the control pannel there's usually a password taped somewhere inside that way the construction company can just send whoever out to set it up

@desitively “hacking”

more like “walking up and punching in the factory reset”

@desitively they alternate btw FUCK NAZIS and FUCK ICE 👍🏼

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