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Uspol; I think I stole this but I don't remember where 

Hearing "How Do You Like It (More, More, More)" presented as a wholesome song to sell crappy Applebee's food on commercials will never stop cracking me. The song is about wanting more, more, more sex, and the singer, Andrea True, was a porn actress who did the song as a lark during the disco craze during a break from filming a skin flick in the Bahamas.

OK, I just read the memo about the Gert Town radiation. It was putting out 1.5mR per HOUR.

For comparison, Three Mile Island put out 1.5mR in the entire YEAR they had their accident. So, people in Gert Town were getting the radiation from the Three Mile Island accident EVERY HOUR they lived there.

Oh, and the radium was discovered in 2013 and just left there for SIX YEARS.

I'm not sure if anybody saw it nationally at all, but here in New Orleans radioactive material was found under the street in a residential neighborhood and was suddenly removed. They just said how high the radioactivity was: it was high enough to give you your yearly allowed dose in ONE HOUR.

A big pile of non naturally occurring radium. It's been kept quiet and the news has been ignoring it after the initial report. In a predominantly black neighborhood, of course.

The war on drugs has made rich people richer, taken away voting rights for a huge number of PoC and leftists. It's militarized the police.

The war on drugs was a fascist coup.

Anybody here who can use my old graphics card? 

A neighbor plied me with alcohol during the artificial power outage. I'm happy now.

People on the Northshore and in lower Mississippi took it the hardest during Barry and will continue to do so.

I think we'll be OK here in New Orleans now. I love it when storms are duds, gimme that every time.

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